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AI 2006: Advances in Artificial Intelligence

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This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 19th Australian Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence, AI 2006, held ... Weiterlesen
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This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 19th Australian Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence, AI 2006, held in Hobart, Australia, December 2006. Coverage includes foundations and knowledge based system, machine learning, connectionist AI, data mining, intelligent agents, cognition and user interface, vision and image processing, natural language processing and Web intelligence, neural networks, robotics, and AI applications.


Invited Talks.- What Can We Do with Graph-Structured Data? - A Data Mining Perspective.- Morphological Computation - Connecting Brain, Body, and Environment.- Interaction-Oriented Programming: Concepts, Theories, and Results on Commitment Protocols.- Symmetry Breaking.- I: Regular Papers.- Heyting Domains for Constraint Abduction.- Feedback in Multimodal Self-organizing Networks Enhances Perception of Corrupted Stimuli.- Identification of Fuzzy Relation Model Using HFC-Based Parallel Genetic Algorithms and Information Data Granulation.- Evaluation of Incremental Knowledge Acquisition with Simulated Experts.- Finite Domain Bounds Consistency Revisited.- Speeding Up Weighted Constraint Satisfaction Using Redundant Modeling.- Verification of Multi-agent Systems Via Bounded Model Checking.- Logical Properties of Belief-Revision-Based Bargaining Solution.- Knowledge Compilation for Belief Change.- Design Methodologies of Fuzzy Set-Based Fuzzy Model Based on GAs and Information Granulation.- Defeasible Description Logic.- Representation and Reasoning for Recursive Probability Models.- Forgetting and Knowledge Update.- Enhanced Temporal Difference Learning Using Compiled Eligibility Traces.- A Simple Artificial Immune System (SAIS) for Generating Classifier Systems.- Selection for Feature Gene Subset in Microarray Expression Profiles Based on an Improved Genetic Algorithm.- An Efficient Alternative to SVM Based Recursive Feature Elimination with Applications in Natural Language Processing and Bioinformatics.- Efficient AUC Learning Curve Calculation.- Learning Hybrid Bayesian Networks by MML.- A Novel Nearest Neighbor Classifier Based on Adaptive Nonparametric Separability.- Virtual Attribute Subsetting.- Parallel Chaos Immune Evolutionary Programming.- Classification of Lung Disease Pattern Using Seeded Region Growing.- Voting Massive Collections of Bayesian Network Classifiers for Data Streams.- Feature Weighted Minimum Distance Classifier with Multi-class Confidence Estimation.- z-SVM: An SVM for Improved Classification of Imbalanced Data.- GP for Object Classification: Brood Size in Brood Recombination Crossover.- IPSOM: A Self-organizing Map Spatial Model of How Humans Complete Interlocking Puzzles.- Mining Generalised Emerging Patterns.- Using Attack-Specific Feature Subsets for Network Intrusion Detection.- Time Series Analysis Using Fractal Theory and Online Ensemble Classifiers.- MML Mixture Models of Heterogeneous Poisson Processes with Uniform Outliers for Bridge Deterioration.- Extracting Structural Features Among Words from Document Data Streams.- Clustering Similarity Comparison Using Density Profiles.- Efficient Mining of Frequent Itemsets in Distorted Databases.- Improved Support Vector Machine Generalization Using Normalized Input Space.- An Efficient Similarity Measure for Clustering of Categorical Sequences.- SDI: Shape Distribution Indicator and Its Application to Find Interrelationships Between Physical Activity Tests and Other Medical Measures.- A Flexible Framework for SharedPlans.- An Analysis of Three Puzzles in the Logic of Intention.- Building Intelligent Negotiating Agents.- Towards Goals in Informed Agent Negotiation.- Application of OWA Based Classifier Fusion in Diagnosis and Treatment offering for Female Urinary Incontinence.- Automatic Generation of Funny Cartoons Diary for Everyday Mobile Life.- Welfare Interface Using Multiple Facial Features Tracking.- Towards an Efficient Implementation of a Video-Based Gesture Interface.- Turkish Fingerspelling Recognition System Using Axis of Least Inertia Based Fast Alignment.- Vehicle Tracking and Traffic Parameter Extraction Based on Discrete Wavelet Transform.- Neural Net Based Division of an Image Blob of People into Parts of Constituting Individuals.- Applying Learning Vector Quantization Neural Network for Fingerprint Matching.- Moving Object Detecting Using Gradient Information, Three-Frame-Differencing and Connectivity Testing.- 3D Morphable Model Parameter Estimation.- Reconstructing Illumination Environment by Omnidirectional Camera Calibration.- Color Region Tracking Against Brightness Changes.- A Comparative Study of Information-Gathering Approaches for Answering Help-Desk Email Inquiries.- A Language Independent n-Gram Model for Word Segmentation.- TreeWrapper: Automatic Data Extraction Based on Tree Representation.- Incorporating Pageview Weight into an Association-Rule-Based Web Recommendation System.- Neural Networks Fusion to Overlay Control System for Lithography Process.- Polynomial Pipelined Neural Network and Its Application to Financial Time Series Prediction.- Using Neural Networks to Tune the Fluctuation of Daily Financial Condition Indicator for Financial Crisis Forecasting.- Predicting Stock Market Time Series Using Evolutionary Artificial Neural Networks with Hurst Exponent Input Windows.- BDDRPA*: An Efficient BDD-Based Incremental Heuristic Search Algorithm for Replanning.- A Move Generating Algorithm for Hex Solvers.- A Genetic Algorithm for Integration of Process Planning and Scheduling in a Job Shop.- A Robust Shape Retrieval Method Based on Hough-Radii.- Intelligent Control of Mobile Agent Based on Fuzzy Neural Network in Intelligent Robotic Space.- Neuromuscular-Like Control for an Artificial Finger with SMA Actuators.- Studies on Motion Control of a Modular Robot Using Cellular Automata.- A Novel Evolutionary Algorithm for Multi-constrained Path Selection.- ODE: A Fast and Robust Differential Evolution Based on Orthogonal Design.- Cancer Classification by Kernel Principal Component Self-regression.- Content-Based Classification of Images Using Centroid Neural Network with Divergence Measure.- Solving a Constraint Satisfaction Problem for Frequency Assignment in Low Power FM Broadcasting.- An Intelligent Mobile Learning System for On-the-Job Training of Luxury Brand Firms.- Studying the Performance of Unified Particle Swarm Optimization on the Single Machine Total Weighted Tardiness Problem.- Classification of Bio-data with Small Data Set Using Additive Factor Model and SVM.- Study of Dynamic Decoupling Method for Multi-axis Sensor Based on Niche Genetic Algorithm.- User Action Based Adaptive Learning with Weighted Bayesian Classification for Filtering Spam Mail.- A Novel Clonal Selection Algorithm for Face Detection.- Hardware Implementation of Temporal Nonmonotonic Logics.- Improvement of HSOFPNN Using Evolutionary Algorithm.- Data Clustering and Visualization Using Cellular Automata Ants.- A Neuro-fuzzy Inference System for the Evaluation of New Product Development Projects.- Extracting Minimum Unsatisfiable Cores with a Greedy Genetic Algorithm.- A Partitioned Portfolio Insurance Strategy by Relational Genetic Algorithm.- A Hybrid Genetic Algorithm for 2D FCC Hydrophobic-Hydrophilic Lattice Model to Predict Protein Folding.- Locality Preserving Projection on Source Code Metrics for Improved Software Maintainability.- Ensemble Prediction of Commercial Bank Failure Through Diversification of Input Features.- II: Regular Papers (5-7 Pages).- LRCA: Enhanced Energy-Aware Routing Protocol in MANETs.- Enabling Agent Oriented Programming Using CORBA-Based Object Interconnection Technology for Ubiquitous Computing.- An Improved E-Learner Communities Self-organizing Algorithm Based on Hebbian Learning Law.- An Expert System for Recovering Broken Relics Using 3-D Information.- Permutation Flow-Shop Scheduling Based on Multiagent Evolutionary Algorithm.- A Novel Mobile Epilepsy Warning System.- Modular Bayesian Networks for Inferring Landmarks on Mobile Daily Life.- A Bi-level Genetic Algorithm for Multi-objective Scheduling of Multi- and Mixed-Model Apparel Assembly Lines.- Membership Functions for Spatial Proximity.- Engineering Evolutionary Algorithm to Solve Multi-objective OSPF Weight Setting Problem.- Intelligent Face Recognition: Local Versus Global Pattern Averaging.- Economic Optimisation of an Ore Processing Plant with a Constrained Multi-objective Evolutionary Algorithm.- White and Color Noise Cancellation of Speech Signal by Adaptive Filtering and Soft Computing Algorithms.- A Study on Time-of-Day Patterns for Internet User Using Recursive Partitioning Methods.- Development of Data Miner for the Ship Design Based on Polynomial Genetic Programming.- Detecting Giant Solar Flares Based on Sunspot Parameters Using Bayesian Networks.- The Virtual Reality Brain-Computer Interface System for Ubiquitous Home Control.- Verb Prediction and the Use of Particles for Generating Sentences in AAC System.- Abnormal Behavior Detection for Early Warning of Terrorist Attack.- A Two-Stage Region-Based Image Retrieval Approach Using Combined Color and Texture Features.- Beyond Accuracy, F-Score and ROC: A Family of Discriminant Measures for Performance Evaluation.- Hybrid O( ) Clustering for Sequential Web Usage Mining.- Clustering Algorithms for ITS Sequence Data with Alignment Metrics.- A Pruning Technique to Discover Correlated Sequential Patterns in Retail Databases.- Clustering Categorical Data Using Qualified Nearest Neighbors Selection Model.- Product Recommendations for Cross-Selling in Electronic Business.- Enhancing DWT for Recent-Biased Dimension Reduction of Time Series Data.- Mining Large Patterns with Profit-Based Support in e-Commerce.- DynamicWEB: Profile Correlation Using COBWEB.- Finding Robust Models Using a Stratified Design.- Clustering Transactional Data Streams.- Axiomatic Approach of Knowledge Granulation in Information System.- Spreading Design Patterns with Semantic Web Technologies.- Detecting Anomalies and Intruders.- User Behavior Analysis of the Open-Ended Document Classification System.- An Agent-Based Ontological Approach for Information Reorganisation.- LPForget: A System of Forgetting in Answer Set Programming.- Formalization of Ontological Relations of Korean Numeral Classifiers.- Adaptive -TBox for Extending Terminological Knowledge.- Preference Reasoning in Advanced Question Answering Systems.- Clustering Data Manipulation Method for Ensembles.- Improving the Performance of Multi-objective Genetic Algorithm for Function Approximation Through Parallel Islands Specialisation.- Generalized Unified Decomposition of Ensemble Loss.- Feature Selection with RVM and Its Application to Prediction Modeling.- Hybrid Data Clustering Based on Dependency Structure and Gibbs Sampling.- Linear Methods for Reduction from Ranking to Multilabel Classification.- Wavelet Kernel Matching Pursuit Machine.- Causal Discovery with Prior Information.- Simulation of Human Motion for Learning and Recognition.- Lazy Learning for Improving Ranking of Decision Trees.- Kernel Laplacian Eigenmaps for Visualization of Non-vectorial Data.- An Evolutionary Approach for Clustering User Access Patterns from Web Logs.- Simplified Support Vector Machines Via Kernel-Based Clustering.- Protein Folding Prediction Using an Improved Genetic-Annealing Algorithm.- Evolution of Characteristic Tree Structured Patterns from Semistructured Documents.- Unsupervised Measurement of Translation Quality Using Multi-engine, Bi-directional Translation.- Probabilistic, Multi-staged Interpretation of Spoken Utterances.- New Hybrid Real-Coded Genetic Algorithm.- Comparison of Numeral Strings Interpretation: Rule-Based and Feature-Based N-Gram Methods.- Simulation Analysis on Effective Operation of Handling Equipments in Automated Container Terminal.- A Study of Factors Affecting Due Date Predictibility for On-Time Delivery in a Dynamic Job Shop.- A New Learning Method for S-GCM.- Empirical Verification of a Strategy for Unbounded Resolution in Finite Player Goore Games.- Robust Character Recognition Using a Hierarchical Bayesian Network.- On the New Application of Call Patterns to CPM Testing of Prolog Programs.- Correlation Error Reduction of Images in Stereo Vision with Fuzzy Method and Its Application on Cartesian Robot.- A Hybrid Question Answering Schema Using Encapsulated Semantics in Lexical Resources.- Structure Detection System from Web Documents Through Backpropagation Network Learning.- An Effective Recommendation Algorithm for Improving Prediction Quality.- Customer Online Shopping Behaviours Analysis Using Bayesian Networks.


Titel: AI 2006: Advances in Artificial Intelligence
Untertitel: 19th Australian Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence, Hobart, Australia, December 4-8, 2006, Proceedings
EAN: 9783540497882
Digitaler Kopierschutz: Wasserzeichen
Format: E-Book (pdf)
Hersteller: Springer Berlin Heidelberg
Genre: IT & Internet
Anzahl Seiten: 1307
Veröffentlichung: 18.11.2006
Dateigrösse: 26.5 MB

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