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Advances in Neural Networks - ISNN 2007

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This book is part of a three volume set that constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 4th International Symposium on Neural Ne... Weiterlesen
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This book is part of a three volume set that constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 4th International Symposium on Neural Networks, ISNN 2007, held in Nanjing, China in June 2007. Coverage includes neural networks for control applications, robotics, data mining and feature extraction, chaos and synchronization, support vector machines, fault diagnosis/detection, image/video processing, and applications of neural networks.


Feedforward Neural Networks.- Using Three Layer Neural Network to Compute Multi-valued Functions.- A Novel Global Hybrid Algorithm for Feedforward Neural Networks.- Study on Relationship Between NIHSS and TCM-SSASD Based on the BP Neural Network Multiple Models Method.- Application of Back-Propagation Neural Network to Power Transformer Insulation Diagnosis.- Momentum BP Neural Networks in Structural Damage Detection Based on Static Displacements and Natural Frequencies.- Deformation Measurement of the Large Flexible Surface by Improved RBFNN Algorithm and BPNN Algorithm.- Evaluation of the Growth of Real Estate Financial System Based on BP Neural Network.- GA-Based Neural Network to Identification of Nonlinear Structural Systems.- Approximation Capability Analysis of Parallel Process Neural Network with Application to Aircraft Engine Health Condition Monitoring.- Neural Network-Based Position Sensorless Control for Transverse Flux Linear SRM.- Tourism Room Occupancy Rate Prediction Based on Neural Network.- Recurrent Neural Networks.- Recurrent Neural Networks on Duty of Anomaly Detection in Databases.- Solving Variational Inequality Problems with Linear Constraints Based on a Novel Recurrent Neural Network.- Equalization of 8PSK Signals with a Recurrent Neural Network.- Short-Term Load Forecasting Using BiLinear Recurrent Neural Network.- Convergence of Gradient Descent Algorithm for a Recurrent Neuron.- Periodicity of Recurrent Neural Networks with Reaction-Diffusion and Dirichlet Boundary Conditions.- New Critical Analysis on Global Convergence of Recurrent Neural Networks with Projection Mappings.- A Study on Digital Media Security by Hopfield Neural Network.- Two Theorems on the Robust Designs for Pattern Matching CNNs.- Iterative Learning Control Analysis Based on Hopfield Neural Networks.- Stochastic Stabilization of Delayed Neural Networks.- Neural Networks for Optimization.- An Evolutionary Multi-objective Neural Network Optimizer with Bias-Based Pruning Heuristic.- A Hybrid of Particle Swarm Optimization and Hopfield Networks for Bipartite Subgraph Problems.- Convergence of a Recurrent Neural Network for Nonconvex Optimization Based on an Augmented Lagrangian Function.- Multi-objective Topology Optimization of Structures Using NN-OC Algorithms.- A Hybrid Particle Swarm Algorithm for the Structure and Parameters Optimization of Feed-Forward Neural Network.- Designing Neural Networks Using PSO-Based Memetic Algorithm.- Simultaneous Optimization of ANFIS-Based Fuzzy Model Driven to Data Granulation and Parallel Genetic Algorithms.- A Neural Network Based Optimization Method for a Kind of QPPs and Application.- Multilayer Perceptron Networks Training Using Particle Swarm Optimization with Minimum Velocity Constraints.- Characterization and Optimization of the Contact Formation for High-Performance Silicon Solar Cells.- Optimizing Process Parameters for Ceramic Tile Manufacturing Using an Evolutionary Approach.- Application of RBF Neural Network to Simplify the Potential Based Optimization.- Satisficing Approximation Response Model Based on Neural Network in Multidisciplinary Collaborative Optimization.- A New BP Network Based on Improved PSO Algorithm and Its Application on Fault Diagnosis of Gas Turbine.- The Evaluation of BP-ISP Strategy Alignment Degree with PSO-Based ANN.- Improved Results on Solving Quadratic Programming Problems with Delayed Neural Network.- A Modified Hopfield Network for Nonlinear Programming Problem Solving.- A Novel Artificial Neural Network Based on Hybrid PSO-BP Algorithm in the Application of Adaptive PMD Compensation System.- Stabilizing Lagrange-Type Nonlinear Programming Neural Networks.- Support Vector Machines.- Support Vector Machines and Genetic Algorithms for Soft-Sensing Modeling.- Incremental Nonlinear Proximal Support Vector Machine.- Machinery Fault Diagnosis Using Least Squares Support Vector Machine.- Support Vector Machine with Composite Kernels for Time Series Prediction.- Neuromorphic Quantum-Based Adaptive Support Vector Regression for Tuning BWGC/NGARCH Forecast Model.- Modulation Classification of Analog and Digital Signals Using Neural Network and Support Vector Machine.- A Facial Expression Recognition Approach Based on Novel Support Vector Machine Tree.- Universal Steganalysis Using Multiwavelet Higher-Order Statistics and Support Vector Machines.- Tree-Structured Support Vector Machines for Multi-class Classification.- Identification of MIMO Hammerstein Models Using Support Vector Machine.- Extraction of Filled-In Items from Chinese Bank Check Using Support Vector Machines.- Online Least Squares Support Vector Machines Based on Wavelet and Its Applications.- Ultrasound Estimation of Fetal Weight with Fuzzy Support Vector Regression.- Hybrid Support Vector Machine and General Model Approach for Audio Classification.- An Improved SVM Based on 1-Norm for Selection of Personal Credit Scoring Index System.- Combining Weighted SVMs and Spectrum-Based kNN for Multi-classification.- Rotation Invariant Texture Classification Algorithm Based on DT-CWT and SVM.- A Two-Pass Classification Method Based on Hyper-Ellipsoid Neural Networks and SVM's with Applications to Face Recognition.- SVM Based Adaptive Inverse Controller for Excitation Control.- An Adaptive Internal Model Control Based on LS-SVM.- Regularization Paths for ?-SVM and ?-SVR.- A Fast and Accurate Progressive Algorithm for Training Transductive SVMs.- Fast Support Vector Data Description Using K-Means Clustering.- A Kernel-Based Two-Stage One-Class Support Vector Machines Algorithm.- A Confident Majority Voting Strategy for Parallel and Modular Support Vector Machines.- Soft-Sensor Method Based on Least Square Support Vector Machines Within Bayesian Evidence Framework.- Simulation of Time Series Prediction Based on Smooth Support Vector Regression.- Fault Diagnosis/Detection.- Extension Neural Network Based on Immune Algorithm for Fault Diagnosis.- A New Fault Detection and Diagnosis Method for Oil Pipeline Based on Rough Set and Neural Network.- Probabilistic Neural Network Based Method for Fault Diagnosis of Analog Circuits.- Gear Fault Diagnosis by Using Wavelet Neural Networks.- An Adaptive Threshold Neural-Network Scheme for Rotorcraft UAV Sensor Failure Diagnosis.- KPCA Plus FDA for Fault Detection.- Distribution System Fault Diagnosis Based on Improved Rough Sets with Uncertainty.- A Design Method of Associative Memory Model with Expecting Fault-Tolerant Field.- Classification and Diagnosis of Mechanical Faults Using the RBF Network Based on the Local Bispectra.- Temperature-Variation Fault Diagnosis of the High-Voltage Electric Equipment Based on the BP Neural Network.- Diagnosis of Turbine Valves in the Kori Nuclear Power Plant Using Fuzzy Logic and Neural Networks.- Communications and Signal Processing.- Stochastic Cellular Neural Network for CDMA Multiuser Detection.- A New Approach of Blind Channel Identification in Frequency Domain.- Soft Decision-Directed Square Contour Algorithm for Blind Equalization.- Call Admission Control Using Neural Network in Wireless Multimedia Networks.- A Neural Network Solution on Data Least Square Algorithm and Its Application for Channel Equalization.- Multiple Receive-Antennas Aided and RBF-Based Multiuser Detection for STBC Systems.- Location Management Cost Estimation for PCS Using Neural Network.- Neural-Based Separating Method for Nonlinear Mixtures.- Adaptive Natural Gradient Algorithm for Blind Convolutive Source Separation.- Blind Source Separation in Post-nonlinear Mixtures Using Natural Gradient Descent and Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm.- Echo State Networks for Real-Time Audio Applications.- Blind Separation of Positive Signals by Using Genetic Algorithm.- A Speech Enhancement Method in Subband.- Sequential Blind Signal Extraction with the Linear Predictor.- Fast Code Detection Using High Speed Time Delay Neural Networks.- Multiscale Estimation to the Parameter of Multidimension Time Series.- Gaussianization Based Approach for Post-Nonlinear Underdetermined BSS with Delays.- Regularized Alternating Least Squares Algorithms for Non-negative Matrix/Tensor Factorization.- Underdetermined Blind Source Separation Using SVM.- Predicting Time Series Using Incremental Langrangian Support Vector Regression.- Image/Video Processing.- A New Approach for Image Restoration Based on CNN Processor.- Using Alpha-Beta Associative Memories to Learn and Recall RGB Images.- A Method for Enlargement of Digital Images Based on Neural Network.- Neural Network Based Correction Scheme for Image Interpolation.- Edge Enhancement Post-processing Using Hopfield Neural Net.- Image Quality Assessment Based on Wavelet Coefficients Using Neural Network.- Neural Network Approach for Designing One- and Two-Dimensional Quasi-Equiripple FIR Digital Filters.- Texture Image Segmentation Based on Improved Wavelet Neural Network.- Local Spatial Properties Based Image Interpolation Using Neural Network.- Image Processing Applications with a PCNN.- Image Segmentation Based on Cluster Ensemble.- Decision-Based Hybrid Image Watermarking in Wavelet Domain Using HVS and Neural Networks.- MR Image Registration Based on Pulse-Coupled Neural Networks.- Image Magnification Based on the Properties of Human Visual Processing.- Incorporating Image Quality in Multimodal Biometric Verification.- Efficient Motion Estimation Scheme for H.264 Based on BP Neural Network.- Neural Network Based Visual Tracking with Multi-cue Adaptive Fusion.- One-Class SVM Based Segmentation for SAR Image.- A New Segmentation Method Based on SVM for HIFU Image-Guided System.- Applications of Neural Networks.- Greenhouse Air Temperature and Humidity Prediction Based on Improved BP Neural Network and Genetic Algorithm.- A Modified RBF Neural Network and Its Application in Radar.- Driving Load Forecasting Using Cascade Neural Networks.- Minimal Resource Allocation on CAN Bus Using Radial Basis Function Networks.- Neural Network Based High Accuracy Frequency Harmonic Analysis in Power System.- Hardware/Software Partitioning of Core-Based Systems Using Pulse Coupled Neural Networks.- Technical and Fundamental Analysis for the Forecast of Financial Scrip Quotation: An Approach Employing Artificial Neural Networks and Wavelet Transform.- Multi-view Moving Human Detection and Correspondence Based on Object Occupancy Random Field.- Determination of Storage Time of Rice Seed Using ANN Based on NIRS.- Selected Problems of Knowledge Discovery Using Artificial Neural Networks.- An Intelligent Differential Evolution Algorithm for Designing Trading-Ratio System of Water Market.- Neural Network-Based H ??? Filtering for Nonlinear Jump Systems.- A Novel Off-Line Signature Verification Based on Adaptive Multi-resolution Wavelet Zero-Crossing and One-Class-One-Network.- Combining News and Technical Indicators in Daily Stock Price Trends Prediction.- Project-Based Artificial Neural Networks Development Software and Applications.- Effects of Salinity on Measurement of Water Volume Fraction and Correction Method Based on RBF Neural Networks.- Implementation of Brillouin-Active Fiber for Low Threshold Optical Logic and Memory Based Neural Networks in Smart Structures.- Hydro Plant Dispatch Using Artificial Neural Network and Genetic Algorithm.- Application of Wavelet Packet Neural Network on Relay Protection Testing of Power System.- Robust Stabilization of Uncertain Nonlinear Differential-Algebraic Subsystem Using ANN with Application to Power Systems.- A Novel Residual Capacity Estimation Method Based on Extension Neural Network for Lead-Acid Batteries.- A Genetic Algorithm-Based Artificial Neural Network Approach for Parameter Selection in the Production of Tailor-Welded Blanks.- Development of Artificial Neural Networks-Based In-Process Flash Monitoring (ANN-IPFM) System in Injection Molding.- Reduce Feature Based NN for Transient Stability Analysis of Large-Scale Power Systems.- Semi-active Control of Eccentric Structures Based on Neural Networks.- Development of the Multi-target Tracking Scheme Using Particle Filter.


Titel: Advances in Neural Networks - ISNN 2007
Untertitel: 4th International Symposium on Neural Networks, ISNN 2007 Nanjing, China, June 3-7, 2007. Proceedings, Part III
EAN: 9783540723950
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Format: E-Book (pdf)
Hersteller: Springer Berlin Heidelberg
Genre: IT & Internet
Anzahl Seiten: 1210
Veröffentlichung: 16.07.2007
Dateigrösse: 55.3 MB

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