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Distributed Computing and Networking

InhaltA.K. Choudhury Memorial Lecture.- Rough-Fuzzy Knowledge Encoding and Uncertainty Analysis: Relevance in Data Mining.- Keynot... Weiterlesen
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A.K. Choudhury Memorial Lecture.- Rough-Fuzzy Knowledge Encoding and Uncertainty Analysis: Relevance in Data Mining.- Keynote Talks.- Utility-Based Data-Gathering in Wireless Sensor Networks with Unstable Links.- Sensor Networks Continue to Puzzle: Selected Open Problems.- Distributed Coordination of Workflows over Web Services and Their Handheld-Based Execution.- Distributed Computing Track Papers.- The Building Blocks of Consensus.- Continuous Consensus with Ambiguous Failures.- On Optimal Probabilistic Asynchronous Byzantine Agreement.- Narrowing Power vs. Efficiency in Synchronous Set Agreement.- Fault Tolerance and Synchronization.- Highly-Concurrent Multi-word Synchronization.- Fault Tolerance in Finite State Machines Using Fusion.- Wait-Free Dining Under Eventual Weak Exclusion.- On the Inherent Cost of Atomic Broadcast and Multicast in Wide Area Networks.- Detection of Disjunctive Normal Form Predicate in Distributed Systems.- Solving Classic Problems in Distributed Systems: The Smart-Message Paradigm.- Design of Concurrent Utilities in Jackal: A Software DSM Implementation.- Self-stabilization.- Anonymous Daemon Conversion in Self-stabilizing Algorithms by Randomization in Constant Space.- Snap-Stabilizing Waves in Anonymous Networks.- Self-stabilizing Distributed Protocol Switching.- A Self-stabilizing Algorithm for the Minimum Color Sum of a Graph.- Scheduling, Clustering, and Data Mining.- Global Fixed-Priority Scheduling of Arbitrary-Deadline Sporadic Task Systems.- Scalable and Distributed Mechanisms for Integrated Scheduling and Replication in Data Grids.- DGDCT: A Distributed Grid-Density Based Algorithm for Intrinsic Cluster Detection over Massive Spatial Data.- An Abstraction Based Communication Efficient Distributed Association Rule Mining.- List Heuristic Scheduling Algorithms for Distributed Memory Systems with Improved Time Complexity.- Parallel Architectures and Algorithms.- CG-Cell: An NPB Benchmark Implementation on Cell Broadband Engine.- Parallel Algorithm for Conflict Graph on OTIS-Triangular Array.- A Deadlock Free Shortest Path Routing Algorithm for WK-Recursive Meshes.- Mobile Agents and Cryptography.- Proving Distributed Algorithms for Mobile Agents: Examples of Spanning Tree Computation in Anonymous Networks.- Mobile Agent Rendezvous in a Ring Using Faulty Tokens.- A New Key-Predistribution Scheme for Highly Mobile Sensor Networks.- Alternative Protocols for Generalized Oblivious Transfer.- Networking Track Papers.- The Crossroads Approach to Information Discovery in Wireless Sensor Networks.- Tree-Based Anycast for Wireless Sensor/Actuator Networks.- A Distributed Algorithm for Load-Balanced Routing in Multihop Wireless Sensor Networks.- Using Learned Data Patterns to Detect Malicious Nodes in Sensor Networks.- An Efficient Key Establishment Scheme for Self-organizing Sensor Networks.- Internet and Security.- SuperTrust A Secure and Efficient Framework for Handling Trust in Super Peer Networks.- A Highly Flexible Data Structure for Multi-level Visibility of P2P Communities.- Mathematical Performance Modelling of Stretched Hypercubes.- A Family of Collusion Resistant Symmetric Key Protocols for Authentication.- An Escalated Approach to Ant Colony Clustering Algorithm for Intrusion Detection System.- Sensor Networks II.- Interplay of Processing and Routing in Aggregate Query Optimization for Sensor Networks.- Exploiting Resource-Rich Actors for Bridging Network Partitions in Wireless Sensor and Actor Networks.- A New Top-Down Hierarchical Multi-hop Routing Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks.- PROBESYNC: Platform Based Synchronization for Enhanced Life of Large Scale Wireless Sensor Networks.- Optical Networks.- An Adaptive Split Reservation Protocol (SRP) for Dynamically Reserving Wavelengths in WDM Optical Networks.- Routing and Wavelength Assignment in All Optical Networks Based on Clique Partitioning.- Fault Detection and Localization Scheme for Multiple Failures in Optical Network.- A Heuristic Search for Routing and Wavelength Assignment in Distributed WDM Optical Networks with Limited Range Wavelength Conversion.- QoS and Multimedia.- An Efficient Storage Mechanism to Distribute Disk Load in a VoD Server.- Multi Level Pricing for Service Differentiation and Congestion Control in Communication Networks.- Revenue-Driven Bandwidth Management for End-to-End Connectivity over IP Networks.- Modeling and Predicting Point-to-Point Communication Delay of Circuit Switching in the Mesh-Connected Networks.- Wireless Networks.- Maximizing Aggregate Saturation Throughput in IEEE 802.11 Wireless LAN with Service Differentiation.- Overloading Cellular DS-CDMA: A Bandwidth-Efficient Scheme for Capacity Enhancement.- Enhancing DHCP for Address Autoconfiguration in Multi-hop WLANs.- Channel Assignment in Multimedia Cellular Networks.- Ad Hoc Networks.- On Routing with Guaranteed Delivery in Three-Dimensional Ad Hoc Wireless Networks.- Energy-Efficient Dominating Tree Construction in Wireless Ad Hoc and Sensor Networks.- A Location-Aided Content Searching Mechanism for Large Mobile Ad Hoc Network Using Geographic Clusters.- A Centralized Algorithm for Topology Management in Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks through Multiple Coordinators.


Titel: Distributed Computing and Networking
Untertitel: 9th International Conference, ICDCN 2008, Kolkata, India, January 5-8, 2008, Proceedings
Editor: Shrisha Rao Mainak Chatterjee Prasad Jayanti C. Siva Ram Murthy Sanjoy Kumar Saha
EAN: 9783877068298
ISBN: 978-3-87706-829-8
Format: Kartonierter Einband
Herausgeber: Schlütersche Verlagsgesellschaft
Genre: Reiseführer
Anzahl Seiten: 160
Gewicht: 478g
Größe: H260mm x B191mm x T12mm
Jahr: 2007


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